Why Cant I Go To Sleep?

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

So its the end of the day, time to go to bed. But the problem is, once you are there, you simply cannot fall asleep. Completely frustrating. But there can be a number of reasons why this is happening. We will cover a few briefly here.

1. Stress This is incredibly common. If you are stressed or worried about something, you cannot sleep. During the day you are occupied with many other things, so what is bothering you is put to the back of your mind. When you go to bed however, whilst trying to relax, all you have is your thoughts. Try to address whatever is bothering you during the day. Talk to your partner, and get everything off your chest.

2. Depression This is one of the main reasons of not being able to sleep. Suffering from depression and not getting help will cause you to suffer when its sleep time. Likewise some medication can have side effects which can have a negative effect on sleep. If you are suffering with depression in either instance, you need to seek further medical help. The lack of quality sleep will online exaggerate the feelings of depression and make them worse.

3.  Sleeping Environment It is essential that your environment is comfortable and quiet. Noise disturbances are an avoidable problem with a little planning in advance. Of course if you have babies or young children it is a different matter and you might have to accept that you may have a disturbed sleep pattern for a while.

4. Lacking Sunlight Did you know that a lack of natural daylight limits hormone product that stimulates during the day and then reduces at night which triggers the bodies desire to rest and sleep. So if you work in an office for long hours without windows, make sure that on breaks, you get outside.

5. Routine Do you have a regular routine? Do you wake and go to bed a similar times? If not this wont be helping. You can train your body clock to realize that the time is approaching for bed. Your hormone levels will naturally start to change and certain times of the day, and you should start to find that you will fall asleep easier.

These are just a few things that you could consider trying to help getting to sleep at night. This is a huge subject and many more posts will be posted on this subject.



What Factors Influence Your Buying Decision?

Image courtesy of Michael Elliott / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Michael Elliott / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I don’t know about you but one of the main  factors that help me decide what to buy, is where a product was made. In some industries, such as electronics, you have to accept that the products you are considering to purchase, will be constructed in a foreign country. With mattresses and bedroom furniture, you do have options.

As with everything, China offers cheap labor and many manufacturers are keen to exploit this, even with shipping costs involved. With mattresses this does have negative effects on the delivered product, especially memory foam. To save on space, and make handling much more easy, mattresses are vacuum packed.

You will find all memory foam mattresses are reported to have an odor. It is nothing unusual and the smell reduces quickly over a short time.  This is where mattresses shipped from China have slightly more of a problem. Because of the time spent in vacuum packaging, the smell build up is much higher, and takes longer to reduce.

This is one reason why I like my mattresses to be made in the USA. One manufacturer that specializes in memory foam products is Sleep Innovations. All of their mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows are all made in the USA.  I find their products to be high quality, and very reasonably priced.

They offer a range of products that cover all budgets, from the cheaper end of the market all the way up to highly priced items. No matter what the use, for a guest room, child’s room or master bedroom, they will have a mattress that will suit you. I personally use the Sleep Innovations 12 inch SureTemp memory foam mattress. I find it offers quality comfort features but at an extremely reasonable price. You can find a full review here

I also like the fact that I am supporting a US based company. They are employing US citizens, and support our home economy. To many companies ship work abroad, to make that extra bit of profit for its share holders.

Next time you are shopping, just take a look and see where the product was made, and see if you can find a, made in the USA option.

What Impact Can An Old Mattress Have On Your Body?

file0001645101812When it comes to the matter of sleep, it is reported that the key for long life and good health is everything in moderation. Little sleep causes few health problems, similarly too much sleeping also causes medical problems like heart disease and diabetes. For getting good sleep at night time, your mattress must be good and comfortable for you. If this is not the case then it can cause serious health problems. Apart from disturbing your mood, ability of processing information or alertness, it also causes depression, obesity and so on.

We spend around 7-8 hours sleeping and while doing so, the rehydration of your spinal discs takes place, the strain of the day is recuperated and elasticity is regained. Because of this reason, sleeping at night is very important.

Impacts on sleep from your old mattress

A major impact of sleeping on an old mattress is back pain which ruins all the areas of person’s life drastically. Your back pain can be intensified from your sleep and if you are suffering from more back pain then it results in reduced quality of sleep. Your concentration level drops as an impact of lack of sleep, due to this you may feel depressed. As the old mattress will be filled with germs, fungus and dust mites which may lead to exacerbate allergies thus impacting on your sleeping pattern. It is always suggested to replace your bed with a new bed after a few years.

While sleeping our body positions can change. We may sleep on our backs, in between or on our sides. Some of the body parts bear more weight compared to other parts of the body. Regardless of your sleep position or the surface on which you sleep on a mattress, a good mattress should be sensitive orthopedically. Pure foam, good quality mattresses,which are made out of memory foam, distribute your body weight evenly so that it gives complete support and cushioning which is required during sleep. In your sagged old mattress the pressure points will not be found which completely reduces your night’s sleep.

In pure foam mattresses air circulation is allowed which leads to breath-ability, thus reducing the night sweating, hence your sleep will be undisturbed as well as comfortable. The choice of comfort on the mattress is generally classified into 3 types which are firm, medium and soft. The most popular Indian mattress is firm, but choosing the medium variety is the best choice, as optimum support and cushioning will be provided to your body parts which results in better sleep.

If your mattress is old then it cannot give the required support and optimal cushioning thus resulting in an unfulfilled sleep. Your mattress should not be sagged too much. If that is the case then it results in feeling roughness on the mattress. After reading this article, look into your old mattress. If some of the conditions mentioned in the article are not satisfied then buy a new one and make your happy sleep at night.

Health Benefits of a Good Nights Sleep

Image courtesy of Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

What health benefits does a good night sleep provide?

One of the most important things in human’s life is to have a proper sleep which enables you to concentrate on your work. No matter what the age, it is necessary for a person to have proper nights sleep.

Impact of Sleep on Body Metabolism

The first and foremost benefit from the sleep is that, when you sleep your body metabolism begins to work. Sleep helps your stomach to digest the food and provide you energy for the next day ahead.

Impact of Sleep on Children’s learning

If you don’t give a proper rest to your body, then you will not be able to concentrate on any work that you have been assigned. Having good sleep in the night will help you enhance the cerebrating capacity of your brain which in turn results in increased attention to the studies or the learning in your children. Sleep is also compulsory as the food that has been today is all filled with chemical and other artificial substances so you must give time for your body to remove these and rest for minimum time period of six hours.

Effect on your Body

There are numerous defects for not having a good sleep during night. Sleeping will help prevent you from cancer, cardiac arrest and many more. The major damage is to your intestine and the brain which keeps on working continuously, which results in poor performance later. It can also increase the internal chemistry of your body and enhance the relationship with your partner. You should never force yourself to go for a good sleep; rather you must do it by itself when you are tired. It is documented that a good sleep can provide a healthier and longer life.

Losing Weight through Sleep

Recent researches have quoted that the more you sleep the more you gain weight. So, in order to overcome the weight gain you must always have a sleep for particular period of time. During your sleep you produce two hormones which will influence the increase in body weight of a person. The main thing is that the sleep has a direct affect on your appetite.

Ignoring some particular things during sleep

You must always ignore some of the vital things during sleep or before going for sleep. You must seek advice from your partner or your parents about your sleeping if you have a habit of snoring while sleeping. Snoring can be one of the reasons due to hypertension or improper flow of air during the exhaling and inhaling process through your nose. You must not use high pillows while sleeping which will restrict the flow of blood to your brain or vice versa. You must also not sleep on marble floors or floors which are colder during night times, as they tend to give you body pain.